Blue Finch Films to distribute Last Straw, premiering at Sitges and Beyond Fest

Last Straw

Blue Finch Films has obtained the exclusive international distribution rights for the forthcoming horror feature, Last Straw. The film is geared for its initial screening at the esteemed Sitges Film Festival, followed by a presentation at Beyond Fest shortly after.

Crafted by Taylor Sardoni, the movie masterfully merges classic suspense elements with a fresh take on the perilous theme of home invasions. The plot follows a young waitress who finds herself fending off mysterious assailants while working a nocturnal shift at a secluded diner.

Marking Alan Scott Neal’s directorial debut, the film’s ensemble cast boasts names like Jessica Belkin, notable for her role in American Horror Story, Jeremy Sisto from Thirteen, and Taylor Kowalski, who rose to fame with Snowfall. The dark ambiance is further amplified by the musical compositions of Alan Palomo of Neon Indian, while the cinematography is orchestrated by Andrey Nikolaev.

The production coalition consists of Daniel Brandt, known for I Love My Dad, along with Dane Eckerle and Cole Eckerle, both having credits in I Love My Dad and Mother, May I?, respectively. They’re joined by Michael Giannone and Phil Keefe of AC3 Media in collaboration with Levon Panek and Sam Slater from Burn Later Productions.

Sales for Last Straw are expected to commence at the much-anticipated AFM 2023 summit.

Dane Eckerle shared his excitement about partnering with Blue Finch Films, acknowledging them as influential contributors to the independent horror circuit. Eckerle emphasized the suitability of both Sitges and Beyond Fest as ideal launching grounds for Last Straw, likening it to a fantasy fulfilled to be positioned alongside some of their most admired recent releases.

In addition to Last Straw, Blue Finch Films’ international repertoire features highly-regarded movies like Raging Grace, which received accolades at SXSW, as well as Monolith and You’ll Never Find Me, selected for SXSW and Tribeca’s Australian horror section, respectively.

Written by Jacob Ant

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