Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale review: Story, cast, episodes and how to watch it online

Sanctuary: A Witch's Tale review

Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale is a fresh upcoming TV series set to premiere on AMC+ in January 2024. This show is adapted from a novel authored by V.V. James and has been developed by Debbie Horsfield.

The story is set in a modern world where witchcraft is a reality and centers around a place that has been home to witches for centuries. However, this peaceful community now faces an unexpected challenge.

Television has frequently showcased witch-themed shows, ranging from Charmed and American Horror Story: Coven to lighter takes like Hallmark Channel’s Good Witch. However, Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale brings a novel twist by blending less witchcraft with more crime drama, creating a uniquely human narrative.

AMC Networks, the parent company of Sundance Now, is familiar with witchcraft dramas, already hosting shows like A Discovery of Witches and Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches, along with other supernatural themes like zombies and vampires. Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale distinguishes itself by portraying witches who are openly acknowledged in a world that, albeit sometimes reluctantly, accepts their existence. Interestingly, this show shares more in common with The Walking Dead than with its witch-themed counterparts, emphasizing that the true horror lies not in supernatural elements but in human nature itself.

Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale release date

Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale was released in the United States on AMC+ on January 4, 2024. Two episodes have aired and are available on the AMC+ app for streaming. The series has a 6.4/10 rating on IMDb.

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How to watch Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale online?

Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale is streaming on AMC+ and Amazon Prime Video in the United States and Canada. You will need a VPN to change your IP address to an American IP to watch Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale from outside the USA on AMC or Amazon Prime.

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More about the series

The series is adapted from V.V. James’ novel and revolves around the town of Sanctuary, where witches live openly. It follows Sarah (Elaine Cassidy), a witch from a family that has been in Sanctuary for over three centuries, and her supportive non-witch friend Abigail (Amy De Bhrún). The plot thickens when Abigail’s son Daniel (Max Lohan) dies unexpectedly at a party, leading to scrutiny of Sarah’s daughter Harper (Hazel Doupe).

The Plot

In the series, Harper, the protagonist’s daughter, shows little interest in pursuing witchcraft unlike her mother, Sarah. Unknown to Sarah, Harper shares a complicated past with Daniel, a fact his mother, Abigail, is also unaware of. This past includes a secret sex tape involving Harper. When Daniel tragically dies, Abigail is quick to blame Harper and witchcraft, leading her on a vengeful mission against her once friend, regardless of the actual evidence.

The seven-episode narrative explores the intense journey of a mother’s grief transforming into fury. Abigail’s anger turns her into a relentless force, targeting Harper, the perceived outsider, in her quest for retribution.

Interestingly, the show focuses more on the human aspects and the societal investigation rather than its supernatural elements. While witches are seamlessly integrated into the Sanctuary community, with a brief explanation in the first episode, the magical aspect is downplayed in favor of the crime drama narrative. The occasional displays of Sarah’s magic are portrayed as natural and graceful.

Elaine Cassidy and Amy De Bhrún deliver standout performances as the tormented mothers, depicting the transformation from friends to adversaries. The series progresses rapidly across its seven episodes, balancing brisk pacing with the delivery of crucial plot details.

The cast of Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale

The main cast members in the series are listed below.

  1. Elaine Cassidy, as Sarah Fenn, is Best known for her roles in Harpers Island, The Others, and Disco Pigs.
  2. Hazel Doupe as Harper Fenn, Recognized for her performances in Float Like a Butterfly and Michael Inside.
  3. Stephanie Levi-John as DCI Maggie Knight, Known for her work in The Spanish Princess and Flack.
  4. Amy De Bhrún as Abigail Whitehall, Prominent in projects like Vikings and Jason Bourne.
  5. Stephen Lord, as Ted Bolt, is renowned for appearances in EastEnders and Penny Dreadful.
  6. Darragh Gilhooly, as Jake Bolt, is Featured in works such as The Professor and the Madman.
  7. Adam Isla O’Brien, as DC Ryan Henshall, is Known for roles in Red Rock and Vikings.
  8. Elish Liburd as Izzy Paterson is Recognized for her work in shows like Emmerdale.
  9. Barry John Kinsella as Michael Whitehall is Featured in Into the Badlands and Love/Hate.
  10. Sophie Mensah, as Cheryl Lee, is Seen in productions like Doctors and The Witcher.
  11. Valerie O’Connor is Known for her roles in A Date for Mad Mary and The Clinic.
  12. Kelly Campbell is Notable for appearances in The Frankenstein Chronicles and Vikings.

Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale episodes

The first season will have seven episodes. The first two episodes aired on January 4, 2024 with the remaining to follow a weekly release schedule. Here is the complete episode guide of the series.

  1. Episode 1 (Jan 4, 2024) Sanctuary is shaken by the unexpected death of a teenage sports star. DCI Knight expects a routine case, but Harper, a witch’s daughter, suggests there’s a deeper mystery to the death.
  2. Episode 2 (Jan 4, 2024) Harper, who isn’t a witch, is accused of murder. Sarah, her mother, must use her witchcraft to demonstrate Harper’s innocence. Tensions and suspicions in the town escalate, particularly towards Sarah and Harper.
  3. Episode 3 (Jan 11, 2024): An expert finds traces of magic at the crime scene. Harper’s alarming confession to Sarah puts her at risk of becoming a prime suspect if the police learn of it. Harper’s accusation triggers a vengeful response from Abigail.
  4. Episode 4 (Jan 18, 2024) Harper’s claim that Daniel assaulted her turns suspicion towards her and Sarah. A memorial for Daniel stirs up negative emotions in Sanctuary. Feeling abandoned by The Moot, Sarah fears the worst. Harper faces an attack at school.
  5. Episode 5 (Jan 25, 2024)
  6. Episode 6 (Feb 1, 2024)
  7. Episode 7 (Feb 8, 2024)

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Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale in news & reviews

According to Paste, AMC+ has demonstrated a remarkable ability to blend genre storytelling with high-quality production, as evidenced by their successful adaptations of Interview with the Vampire and Dark Winds. These adaptations have surpassed expectations from both fans and critics, making AMC+ a top choice for crafting such shows.

Final Word

Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale captivates its audience from the start and maintains its grip until the climactic conclusion. If you like watching supernatural shows, this series is for you.

We have discussed everything you need to know about the series and where and how to watch Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale online for free.

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