How to watch Dance Moms in UK online for free on 9Now

How to watch Dance Moms

Dance Moms is an American reality TV show that started airing on Lifetime in 2011 and follows the journey of children in the dance and show business under the supervision of Abby Lee Miller. However, that is not all; the reality show also demonstrates Miller’s unique skills with the children and their moms.

Here is everything you need to know about the reality series, including its release date, cast, trailer, episodes, seasons, and where and how you can watch Dance Moms in the UK for free.

How to watch Dance Moms in UK online for free?

watch Dance Moms online for free

Sadly, Dance Moms is not streaming for free anywhere in the UK. All seasons of the reality series are available on 9Now in Australia for free streaming.

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Why do you need a VPN?

The short answer is geo-restrictions. Due to copyrights and content distribution laws, many channels and streaming platforms, including 9Now, BBC, Hulu, etc., are not available globally. You will get the location error if you try accessing them from abroad.

However, with a VPN, you can access any channel or streaming platform. You just need to change your IP address to access 9Now from outside Australia and enjoy watching Dance Moms from the UK.

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Where can I watch Dance Moms in UK?

Dance Moms is not streaming anywhere in the United Kingdom. We have checked BBC, ITV, and Channel 4, and none have the distribution rights for the program.

However all season of Dance Moms are available for rent on Amazon Video and Apple TV Store. If you are looking to watch Dance Moms for free in the UK, get a VPN to access 9Now from outside Australia and watch the dance sereis.

Dance Moms release date

The first season of Dance Moms premiered on Lifetime on July 13, 2011. The reality show was loved by the viewers and became an instant hit. The show got several nominations and won Nickelodeon: Favorite Reality Show in 2018 with a 4.7/10 rating on IMDb.

Dance Moms trailer

What is the format of the reality show?

Dance Moms takes place mainly in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and later in Los Angeles, California. It centers around the Junior Elite Competition Team from the Abby Lee Dance Company, consisting of dancers aged six to thirteen.

The show follows their journey to various dance competitions each week, where they earn awards and gear up for nationals under the guidance of Abby Lee Miller. Miller aims to train them to be “professional, employable working dancers.”

The series portrays the mothers as rivals, often clashing with Miller and each other, while sometimes uniting against opposing teams. The dance routines are creatively designed by Miller and her instructors, with input from the show’s producers.

The cast of Dance Moms

Here is the list of cast and participants who have been associated with the reality series.

  1. Abby Lee Miller
    • Self (Dance Moms)
    • Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition
    • Abby’s Studio Rescue
  2. Nia Sioux
    • Self (Dance Moms)
    • The Bold and the Beautiful
    • Sunnyside Up
  3. Holly Frazier
    • Self (Dance Moms)
  4. Kendall Vertes
    • Self (Dance Moms)
    • The Irreplaceables: Dance Movie
  5. Gianna Martello
    • Self (Dance Moms)
  6. Jill Vertes
    • Self (Dance Moms)
  7. Maddie Ziegler
  8. Mackenzie Ziegler
    • Self (Dance Moms)
    • Total Eclipse
    • Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn
  9. Melissa Ziegler
    • Self (Dance Moms)
  10. Chloe Lukasiak
    • Self (Dance Moms)
    • Center Stage: On Pointe
    • Dance Camp
  11. Christi Lukasiak
    • Self (Dance Moms)
  12. Others

Season 8 cast

  1. Tricia Farrar (Mother of Brady Farrar)
    • Brady is a ballet and contemporary dancer from Miami, Florida. He joined the ALDC in Season 8 but left due to tension caused by Abby’s favoritism. They later returned.
  2. Ann Colin (Mother of Hannah Colin)
    • Hannah is a lyrical and contemporary dancer from New Albany, Indiana. They joined the ALDC in Season 8.
  3. Joanne Paolantonio (Mother of GiaNina Paolantonio)
    • GiaNina is a lyrical and musical theater dancer from Oakhurst, New Jersey. She played Amanda Thripp in Matilda on Broadway and appeared in The Greatest Showman. They joined the ALDC in Season 8.
  4. Michelle Georgiana (Mother of Sarah Georgiana)
    • Sarah is an acro and contemporary dancer from Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. They left the ALDC in Season 8 due to questioned loyalty and bullying from other mothers.
  5. Ashley Hosbach (Mother of Pressley Hosbach)
    • Pressley is a contemporary and musical theater dancer from Florham Park, New Jersey. They joined the ALDC in Season 8.
  6. Erin Kristich (Mother of Savannah Kristich)
    • Savannah is a contemporary and lyrical dancer from Las Vegas, Nevada. They left the ALDC in Season 8 after Elliana Walmsley was announced to return.
  7. Lakisha Samuels (Mother of Paris Moore)
    • Paris is a contemporary dancer from Jacksonville, North Carolina. She joined the ALDC in Season 8 to replace Elliana, but she never performed a solo, duet, or trio.
  8. Adriana Smith (Mother of Kamryn Smith)
    • Kamryn is a jazz dancer from Phoenix, Arizona. They appeared in one episode in Season 8 as a guest to fill Elliana’s spot. Kamryn had a solo but didn’t return because she was younger than the others.
  9. Amanda Hernandez (Mother of Berkleigh Hernandez)
    • Berkleigh, a dancer from Bowie, Maryland, appeared in a group dance to compete for a spot with Paris. Paris won, and Berkleigh did not return to the show.

Is Dance Moms coming for a 9th Season?

There won’t be a ninth season, but the series is back with a reunion. The so-called Dance Mom Season 9 started airing on Lifetime on May 1, 2024. So far, five episodes have aired, and the remaining will follow a weekly release schedule.

Dance Moms reunion trailer

Who is the host?

Abby Lee Miller, the head of a dance company in Pittsburg, hosts the reality series. Abby has been part of several TV shows and has produced Mad House and Abby’s Studios Rescue.

Wrap Up

Dance Moms is one of the best dancing reality shows, but it became popular due to the drama associated with it. So far, we have discussed everything you need to know about the series, including its release date, cast, trailer, episodes, and where and how you can watch Dance Moms in the UK online for free.


What channel has Dance Moms in UK?

No British channel has the American series. The series is available for streaming in the US on Lifetime channel.

What is the genre of the Dance Moms series?

The program is placed in the reality TV genre.

Is Dance Moms on Netflix?

As per our research, the Dance Moms series is not available to stream on Netflix. We will update this blog if the series gets a Netflix release date.

Who is the producer?

Dance Moms is produced by the following.

  • Jeff Collins
  • Bryan Stinson
  • John R Corella
  • Kimberly Chessler
  • Robert Caplain
  • Sara Quick
  • Scott Shatsky
  • Lindsay Weiglein
  • Tessa Khalaieff

How many seasons are in the Dance Moms series?

The series has eight seasons and 224 episodes. All are now available on 9Now in Australia for free streaming.

What is the runtime of Dance Moms episodes?

Every episode in the series will be 42 minutes.

How many Dance Moms spinoffs are there?

Here is the list of Dance Moms spinoffs.

  • Dance Moms: Miami
  • Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition
  • Abby’s Studio Rescue
  • Raising Asia
  • Dance Mums with Jennifer Ellison
  • Mad House
  • Dance Moms: The Reunion
  • Dance Moms: Epic Showdowns

What is the filming location of Dance Moms?

The reality show is filmed in Orlando, Florida, USA.

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